Do you compost?

I am a 2012 graduate of the Denver Master Composting class held by Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) and sponsored by Denver Recycles.  This class is held every year and approximately 30 students of various ages sign up and complete the 10-week course.  Once the course is finished, the graduates give back 40 hours of community service by performing compost outreach at several of the Denver area Farmer’s Markets, giving 2-hour classes at the DUG demo site, or visiting Denver public schools and teaching vermicomposting.

For me personally, I have enjoyed working with my team members as I have learned quite a bit sitting with them at the markets.  Each of us has unique and wonderful experiences to share.  It has been a very rewarding experience.

3 Replies to “Do you compost?”

  1. Dave’s mom was a city’fied composter, having spent her primary school years on her parent’s farm in Vermont. Mom kept her “heap” in a fenced in corner of her garden in the city home she and her late husband raised their six kids. Something lost on her children. Something I wish we had thought important when we were younger. Sigh.

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