Tonight  homemade peach jam!  Yesterday, while doing compost outreach at the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market, I wandered around checking out the different vendors.  One of my favorite vendors is Gene’s Pure Colorado.  While chatting with Gene about his new marinade (Roasted Red Onion and Pink Pepper), I noticed the stand next to his had lots of fresh Colorado fruits for sale.  Since none were marked “organic” I proceeded on and found a stand from Kokopelli Farms out of Palisade, Colorado.  If you’ve never had a Palisade peach, you are surely missing out!   For $45, I purchased a box of Elberta peaches.  One of the ladies recommended these for jam making. So, tonight, after cleaning up the kitchen, sterilizing jars, and keeping the critters out of the kitchen, I made 6 jars of organic honey peach jam.

One thing about jam making:  if it fails to set, it’s perfect over ice cream or pancakes!

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