Do you question anything?

When you visit the grocery store, do you bother to ask the grocer about his produce and where it comes from?  When you visit a Farmer’s Market, what questions do you ask the farmer?  Do you ask any questions?  Do you assume that it must be good because it came from a “farmer?”

Asking questions lets someone know that you care or are concerned with a specific product, practice or function.  Asking questions means you care about you and your family.  Asking questions speaks volumes.

Sometimes it seems we don’t question enough.  We take it for granted that all food is good, that all practices are fair.

The next time you buy something from a farmer ask them what type of farming practices they subscribe to, do they use pesticides, are their seeds or crops genetically-modified?  The more questions you ask, the more you’ll know who to buy from and who not.   Never assume.

It’s still your decision to purchase from whomever you want.  So be an educated consumer.

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