Houston, we have TOMATOES!

The first thing I do when I get home from work, after releasing the hounds, is to check the garden.  First I check to make sure the squirrels haven’t pulled off the ears of corn or chewed a small hole into a pumpkin, pulling out the seeds, and moving on to the next!  This year I have been using dog hair in my garden to ward off the squirrels, and so far, looks promising!  Dog hair is compostable and won’t hurt the bounty.

The second thing I do is check the tomatoes.  First I checked the Cherokee Purple — nada!  Then I looked at the two Chocolate Stripes and much to my dismay again — nada!  Then looked way down inside and what did I find?  Two beautiful Chocolate Stripe tomatoes fully cloaked in shades of red, brown and green!   Have you ever seen a more beautiful tomato?  I will be canning sauce this year and found a great recipe that uses white wine.  I will definitely have my fill of tomatoes this season!  Now if only those Aunt Ginny’s and Cherokee Purples would ripen!

Some recipe ideas with fresh-picked tomatoes:

Sliced organic Chocolate Stripes with fried (in coconut oil) pastured eggs.

Hot whole wheat pasta with olive oil, fresh homegrown garlic and chopped chocolate stripes.

Chocolate Stripes with a little sea salt and olive oil.

Chocolate Stripes with basil, fresh mozarrella and balsamic vinegar!


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