Westward Hoe!

Growing up mainly in the Mid-Atlantic state of Maryland, it seemed that you could just about grow anything!  The garden was planted in March and April and your tomatoes were ready in July and early August!  Living here in Colorado for 9 years you’d think I would get my act together and start my seeds in late winter or very early spring!  Then maybe I wouldn’t catch myself staring at the calendar in May and wondering where the time went!

The weather here does not cooperate well with an East Coast gardener’s way of thinking.  2012 proved to be a record breaker in many ways:  no snow in March (the snowiest month of the year) and a hot hot hot May and June.  There was some good rain in April and May, enough to fill a rain barrel a few times, if one actually had one.  But it’s illegal in Denver to collect rain from your roof.  (More on Rain Harvesting in another blog.)

I picked up 2 new plants this year from H2Organics:  Chocolate Stripe and Aunt Ginny’s German Green.  Two heirloom tomato varieties.  They were planted in mid-May and doing well.   And then a 6″ hailstorm one night in June nearly ended their already short growing season.  Luckily, they survived, but they looked terrible.  So I picked up another Chocolate Stripe and a Cherokee Purple.

Now there are 4 heirloom plants about 5′ tall in the garden.  And are they loaded with fruit!  But not one has even begun to ripen!  Everyday I’m pleading with them!  Please please, I say!  It’s only 5 weeks before my trip to Germany and I need to harvest the garden in the next 4!  But so far, nothing doing!

Well, I’ve got my plans already worked out in my head for the next season.  And one of my projects is a DIY green house and the other is to set up a growing station in the unfinished basement.

Let’s see what gets done!

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