What’s for Breakfast?

This morning I was preparing a breakfast of scrambled eggs with jalapeno, garlic and tomatoes.  As I was chopping some of this season’s garlic, an advertisement for McDonald’s breakfasts aired on the radio.  “Healthy breakfast” it’s advertising.  Hmm, I say to myself as I’m chopping fresh garlic from my garden and sauteing with fresh heirloom jalapenos, is it truly “healthy?”

After I chopped fresh heirloom tomatoes and added to the cast iron skillet, I scrambled up the eggs.  Then I hear “farm fresh eggs” from the same commercial.  Really?  Which farm?  Is it a local farm?  Or a factory farm?  I now buy my eggs from Cottonwood Creek.   These eggs are from truly pastured chickens.  I’ve been contemplating raising backyard chickens.   I’m sure my neighbors would just LOVE that.  Along with the bee keeping that I’m thinking about too.  In the background I still hear that commercial.  Gee, when was the last time I ate something from McDonald’s?  I have no idea, I know it’s been a good number of years.  Boy does this egg scramble smell wonderful!     That reminds me, I need to bring a jar of my homemade vanilla peach butter into the office to share.

As I sat down to enjoy the egg scramble, I started thinking about the wonderful food on my plate and the work that it did involve.  I know how fresh it is because I know where it came from.  Most importantly, half the ingredients came from my own garden.  There’s nothing better than walking out into your garden and picking out things for your breakfast or dinner meal.  “$1.99” the guy in the commercial squawks.   I think I’ll pass!

Your home grown food — IT’S what’s for breakfast!

Heirloom Jalapenos from my garden.

One Reply to “What’s for Breakfast?”

  1. yummo!! The last time I ate McDonalds … a few weeks ago, Jillie bought chicken selects and I had a piece. 🙂

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