Hidden Dangers: Antibiotics Found in Organic Fruit

It's an Itchy Little World

Wow, I’m actually a bit speechless right now. Thank you to Fooducate for posting about the disgusting truths about some organic produce on Facebook.  You’ve inspired me to write this disgruntled post.

We know that antibiotics are given to non-organic livestock to prevent disease and encourage growth.

But, did you know that organic apples and pears trees are also treated with antibiotics? It appears that all other organic and conventional fruit bearing trees are prohibited from antibiotic treatment. From what I’ve read USDA certified organic apple and pear trees as well as conventional livestock are the only food items treated with antibiotics.

We assume organic produce is healthy because it is grown using biological, physical or mechanical methods or natural controls instead of chemically processed methods. However, in this August 2, 2012 press release from the USDA, we clearly see there is a loophole.

“While organic principles require the use…

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